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15 Pounds Later

I met this great gal in January and started training her at the beginning of February. She has been so committed to working hard and eating right and it’s really paying off for her. She has lost 15 lbs in about a month and a half. While she is not at her goal yet, we always need to celebrate milestones. She is awesome! Image


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No Carbs. No Problem?

Did you give up carbs with us? How is it going?

Full disclosure? I’ve done better. I’ve had a sinus infection for the past couple of weeks and planning when you don’t feel good is really hard. Today I’m feeling much better and feel back on track. My client has lost more than 5 lbs already! She committed and went right to it. So proud of her.

Did you try it and decide it wasn’t for you? I always think you can do this BUT maybe you just aren’t in the headspace to do it right now. That’s okay. If you are looking for other motivation, I always think money is a good motivator. Last year my husband and I made a bet with my brother. The bet was for a good amount of money and the deal was that we all had to lose 10% of our body weight. If you reach the goal, you keep your money, if not, you hand it over. Interestingly, none of us wanted to give that money up and we all made our goal. We’ve done it a couple of times since then and it always seems to work for us. There is a fun website called and you can join groups of people who are betting money that they’ll lose weight. Your contribution is generally pretty doable (about $30) and if you reach your goal, you split the pot with the others who made it. If you don’t reach your goal, you lose your money and the others split it. I have a client who is participating and she really seems motivated and more aware of what she is putting into her body. 

The gym I train at Longmont is starting a Summer Shred Challenge next week. The ladies work in teams to reach their goals and win lots of fabulous prizes at the end. It’s a lot of fun and we always have great success getting the gals to their goals. You can check it out here.

What are some other ways you motivate yourself to reach your health goals?

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No Carbs for You!!

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a client about her weight loss journey. She told me that she didn’t think she could lose anymore weight than she had already and she was okay with that. This made me think for many days. I had a few thoughts. 1. I always want people to find a way to be happy and content with who they are. Life for all is so much better if we aren’t constantly judging ourselves and how we look. 2. I do want people to continuously strive to be better. I know it sounds like a contradiction to number 1 but it’s not. Each day I want to be a better me than I was yesterday – I want to be nicer, smarter, more productive, healthier, stronger but that doesn’t me I don’t love the me I am today. 3. I knew she was capable of so much more. 

So last week just before my client was to leave on a cruise, I told her, when you get back we are giving up carbs for a month. After big eyes and much questioning she agreed to it. I’m happy to say she started yesterday and I started today. You should join us.

What does it mean to give up “carbs”? Are you just going to eat meat all day?

No we aren’t going to eat meat all day but meat will definitely be involved. Giving up carbs in this sense just means to limit them severely. Trying to stay under 20 grams of carbs a day and getting carbs mostly through vegetables. The things we are giving up are breads, cereals, rice, potatoes, pastas. Think grainy foods. We are also limiting our sugar through sweets. No candy, sodas, sugary drinks. We will also limit our fruit. Fruit is good for you but also can be high in sugar. When I’m going carb free I tend to limit my fruit a handful of blueberries with some almonds as a snack. We will eat lots of lean meats and protein. Protein is essential in turning fat into muscle. We will eat chicken, turkey, fish, some red meat, nuts, eggs, cheese. We will also include lots and lots of of vegetables.  We also will eat plenty of good fats – avocados, olives, almond butter. There are plenty of places to find meal plans to do a no-low carb eating plan just by using the magic of Google. 


What are the benefits of going no-low carb?

Carbs and sugar, in general store right in your belly. Usually I can tell when my clients have been going a little hard on the sweets or the breads because I can see it right in their belly. By giving up the carbs for one month, you’ll notice a difference in your mid-section. If you don’t believe me, take a picture of yourself the day you start and the day you finish, you’ll notice a difference. By pairing this eating plan with exercise, you’ll notice some weight loss too! 

Additionally, you’ll feel better. At first it will be hard and an adjustment because our bodies get addicted to carbs and sugar and we crave them but after a week or so you won’t need them and you’ll feel really good. Check out this article to hear how a regular Joe feels when gives up carbs.

A question I often ask people is “if you can’t give up something that is holding you back then what does that say about your addiction to that thing?” I’m not saying you have to give up carbs and sweets forever. I’m saying, do it for a month. I think what you’ll find is that you feel better and you don’t really need to add those things back to the extent you were having them before you started. 

Maybe after a month you’ll find a way to just add some of them back. Or perhaps you’ll just add them once a week. Chris and Heidi Powell practice carb cycling with their clients and maybe that is more your pace. 

If you are looking for something new to help you lose a few pounds or if you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself, this could be for you. If you decide to join us, please let me know. I’d be happy to check in with you and help hold you accountable and you can do the same for me.


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Living With a Rebellious Thyroid

Do you remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Looking back, there were a lot of great quotes to come from that movie. I love that Toula’s dad believed that Windex could cure every thing from “poison ivy to psoriasis”. I feel like the reverse of that is true for my thyroid.  It causes everything. Joint Pain? Thyroid. High Cholesterol? Thyroid. Tired? Thyroid. Gaining weight? Thyroid. Losing Weight? Thyroid. Headache? Thyroid. Truly the list does go on and on.  

As with all things, you have to learn to manage what you’ve been given. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder or have been dealing with one and a great deal of frustration, here are some tips.

1. Be your own advocate. Do research, follow thyroid experts on Facebook. Ask questions. For so long people have been following their doctor blindly and taking what they say as gospel truth. I did this for a long time. Until one day I asked a doctor for a test, she was insistent that I didn’t need it. I pressed and I was right. The result of which, literally changed my life. Not enough is known about the thyroid and doctors don’t always have the right answer. Do your research be informed about what is going on with you and your body. I follow Thyroid Sexy on Facebook. They post A LOT and sometimes it’s too much but it is also very informative when I need it

2. You do not fit a mold. When it comes to losing weight with a thyroid problem, you are not the average woman. You have to try things, see what works and what doesn’t and maybe try something else. I had to try a bunch of different things before I figured out what was going to work for me. I started with a great book called The Thyroid Diet by Mary Shomon. This book really gave me a good foundation on how to change my eating to fit my thyroid.

4. Don’t be afraid to fire your doctor. You can do it. If it’s not working, find someone it will work with. Find someone you trust, who you feel comfortable with and who is willing to spend the time with you to talk about it.

5. Don’t do it alone. Find a community of people who struggle with what you are struggling with. It’s much easier if you have someone to talk to, otherwise, you can find yourself feeling a little cray cray. People around you who aren’t struggling with a thyroid disorder may not understand what you are going through and it helps to have someone tell you that they get it.

I’m not a doctor and do not claim to be an expert here. I am just learning as I go and I would love to hear your insights on what you’ve learned or questions you have. We can try and figure it out together.

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Getting to Know You

My name is LaShanda and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of a fitness studio in Lafayette, Colorado called Fit Chick Express. My goal is to help women achieve their health and fitness goals through their eating choices and their workout plan. We stay accountable by building a community of strong, encouraging women, who build each other up and work together to be their healthiest and happiest selves. You can find our website at

In my blog you will read about food, exercise and my own journey to be my healthiest self.

What should you know about me? I’m head over heels in love with the man I’ve been married to since 2006. I am just like you, I love food! I’m not perfect. I struggle with food, exercise and motivation and need inspiration to give me a push. I live with Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis and am learning all the time how to manage it.

I hope to inspire women to be healthy and to be happy and to encourage them to get moving. If you go from doing nothing to walking 5 minutes a day, you’ve already begun. Feel free to ask me questions and I look forward to getting to know you.