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Living With a Rebellious Thyroid

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Do you remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Looking back, there were a lot of great quotes to come from that movie. I love that Toula’s dad believed that Windex could cure every thing from “poison ivy to psoriasis”. I feel like the reverse of that is true for my thyroid.  It causes everything. Joint Pain? Thyroid. High Cholesterol? Thyroid. Tired? Thyroid. Gaining weight? Thyroid. Losing Weight? Thyroid. Headache? Thyroid. Truly the list does go on and on.  

As with all things, you have to learn to manage what you’ve been given. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder or have been dealing with one and a great deal of frustration, here are some tips.

1. Be your own advocate. Do research, follow thyroid experts on Facebook. Ask questions. For so long people have been following their doctor blindly and taking what they say as gospel truth. I did this for a long time. Until one day I asked a doctor for a test, she was insistent that I didn’t need it. I pressed and I was right. The result of which, literally changed my life. Not enough is known about the thyroid and doctors don’t always have the right answer. Do your research be informed about what is going on with you and your body. I follow Thyroid Sexy on Facebook. They post A LOT and sometimes it’s too much but it is also very informative when I need it

2. You do not fit a mold. When it comes to losing weight with a thyroid problem, you are not the average woman. You have to try things, see what works and what doesn’t and maybe try something else. I had to try a bunch of different things before I figured out what was going to work for me. I started with a great book called The Thyroid Diet by Mary Shomon. This book really gave me a good foundation on how to change my eating to fit my thyroid.

4. Don’t be afraid to fire your doctor. You can do it. If it’s not working, find someone it will work with. Find someone you trust, who you feel comfortable with and who is willing to spend the time with you to talk about it.

5. Don’t do it alone. Find a community of people who struggle with what you are struggling with. It’s much easier if you have someone to talk to, otherwise, you can find yourself feeling a little cray cray. People around you who aren’t struggling with a thyroid disorder may not understand what you are going through and it helps to have someone tell you that they get it.

I’m not a doctor and do not claim to be an expert here. I am just learning as I go and I would love to hear your insights on what you’ve learned or questions you have. We can try and figure it out together.

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